Lovely Little Shops

Phew! This took a while. I hope you find it handy! I compiled a list of promo codes and sale info for holiday shopping and they are AMAZING. Support the little shops!

I’ll keep adding more shops and revising this post daily–I hope it helps! ♥

SHOP THE LITTLE SHOPS! Lots of promo codes that start TODAY…

Love & Victory–Get 20% OFF at Love & Victory on Meg’s sweet personalized custom sterling silver silhouette charms, sterling silver banners and cut paper silhouettes. Great things for moms! Good through the month of December. (Order by Dec 5 for Christmas delivery!)

Babybird Vintage–Use promo code: HONEYBABY25 to save 25% on cool vintage clothing, accessories and shoes from Babybird Vintage. Now through the month of December!

The Paraders Vintage–Use promo code: HOLIDAYCHEER to save 25% on fantastic vintage clothing from The Paraders. Now through the month of December!

Mabel & Zora–Use promo code: WEBLOVE to save 15% on your purchase (1 use per customer) from lovely Portland boutique, Mabel & Zora. Plus, FREE SHIPPING! Now through the month of December.

Lost Boys & Lovers–MOVING SALE! Save 50% on Sadie’s rad vintage clothing and accessories from Lost Boys & Lovers. Now through the month of December!

RESPICE FINEM–Use promo code: FALLOUT to save 15% on handmade jewelry at RESPICE FINEM. Now through the month of December!

Paragraph Cove–Use promo code: HOLIDAYFUN to save 20% on paper sets, upcycled stationery and more at Paragraph Cove. Now through the month of December.

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Living On Velvet–Use promo code: ONEYEAR to save 25% in Lisa’s pretty vintage shop, Living On Velvet. Now through 12/23/11.

Dalena Vintage–Use promo code: HOLIDAYHONEY to save 20% on dreamy vintage clothing and accessories in Leslie’s lovely shop, Dalena Vintage. Now through 12/24/11!

Ink & Peat–Use promo code: blogwelcome to save 10% on lovely things in the shop. Now through 12/24/11.

Ay Marieke Jewelry–Use promo code: SPARKLE to save 20% on lovely handmade jewels in Marika’s shop, Ay Marieke. Now through 12/24/11!

Damsel of Dainty–Use promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS for free shipping one Inge’s sweet handmade jewelry in her Etsy shop, Damsel of Dainty or no code needed in her other shop! Now through 12/24/11!

Astral Boutique–Use promo code: HONEYLOVE to save 15% on mega wow vintage at Astral Boutique. Now through 12/25/11.

Brehan Claire Jewelry–Use promo code: Honeyken11 for 20% OFF romantic, lovely jewelry from Brehan Claire! Use the code now through December 18, 2011. PLUS, she is offering FREE shipping on all domestic orders through December.

Adore Vintage–Use promo code: HONEYADORE for 20% OFF of very pretty vintage garments and accessories from Adore Vintage! Now through December 20, 2011.

Vint–Use promo code: HONEYK20 for 20% OFF of very lovely vintage housewares from Vint! Now through 12/20/11.

Betsy & Iya–Use promo code: HONEYKENNEDYISAWESOME to save 15% on pretty things from Betsy & Iya. Now through 12/15/11.

Holly Stalder–Use promo code: HAPPYHOLLYDAY for 20% OFF Holly’s beautiful handmade dresses and shrugs from the Holly Stalder shop! Now through December 15, 2011.

Branch and Birdie–Use promo code: WINTERWISHES for 20% OFF housewares, handbags, clothing, art, shoes, perfume, candles and way more loot from Branch and Birdie! Now through December 15, 2011.

Tilde–Use promo code: HONEYTILDE for 15% OFF super awesome stuff from Tilde! Now through December 16, 2011.

Lisa Congdon’s Art–Use promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 15% OFF beautiful prints and originals of Lisa Congdon’s art! Now through December 16, 2011.

The French Therapy–Use promo code: HONEYTHERAPY for 25% OFF the very lovely Fall/Winter collections at The French Therapy! Now through December 16, 2011.

Mon Petit Fantome–Use promo code: SEANCE for 15% OFF Chad’s fantastic artwork from his shop, Mon Petit Fantome! Now through December 17, 2011.

Seaworthy Jewelry–Use promo code: HONEYSEA to save 15% on Marisa’s gorgeous jewelry in her shop, Seaworthy. Now through 12/13/11.

♡ Don’t forget to enter the amazing Seaworthy Jewelry Giveaway! 100 bucks to spend on pretty jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Giveaway closes at 8PM on Tuesday, Dec 13. Good luck!

Flora–Use promo code: FLORAHONEY for 15% OFF lovely housewares, jewelry, candles and more–now through 12/12/11 in the Flora shop.

Summerland–Use promo code: HONEYLAND for 15% OFF in Megan’s beautiful shop! Now through 12/12/11! Plus free shipping on all domestic orders over $150.

Alisha Louise Jewelry–Use promo code: HONEYLOUISE to save 15% on Alisha’s beautiful handmade enameled jewelry in the Alisha Louise shop. You pick your own colors! Plus, free shipping on orders over $100 and complimentary gift wrap on all orders. Now thru 12/12/11!

Shop Adorn–Use promo code: HONEYDAYS to save 10% on really good loot from Shop Adorn + free shipping for US domestic orders over $50 & free int’l shipping over $100. Now thru 12/12/11!

EDEN–Use promo code: EDENHONEY for 15% OFF the most opulent curiosities–now through 12/12/11 in the Eden shop.

Stone & Honey–Use promo code: HONEYHONEY for 15% OFF Teresa’s fantastic handmade jewelry from Stone & Honey! Now thru 12/12/11.

Bess Georgette Vintage–Use promo code: HONEYBESS for 15% OFF beautiful vintage garments from lovely Bess Georgette! Now thru 12/12/11.

Jesseca Anne Jewelry–Use promo code: HONEY15 for 15% OFF Jess’ stunning jewelry from her lovely shop, Jesseca Anne! Now thru 12/12/11. PLUS, FREE SHIPPING!

Demimonde Jewelry–Use promo code: HONEYLOVE20 for 20% OFF Rachael’s gorgeous jewelry in the Demimonde Jewelry shop! Now thru 12/12/11.

Aedes—One of my favorite perfume shops! All orders of $100 or more receive complimentary Ground Shipping in the Aedes shop. Now through 12/12/11.

Clever Nettle–Use promo code: FESTIVE to save 25% in Anja’s awesome vintage shop, Clever Nettle. Now through 12/10/11.

Amy Sacks Eyewear–Use promo code: HONEYSPECS to save 15% on very charming spectacles from Amy Sacks Eyewear —now thru 12/11/11. Even more awesome: 100% of profits go to animal rescue!

Giveaway–Don’t forget to enter my lovely giveaway from Shop Adorn! With $100 you’ll be able to get yourself or someone else something really nice! Giveaway ends at 8PM on Tuesday, Dec 6.

Lille Boutique—Use promo code: HONEYLILLE to save 20% on gorgeous lingerie, shoes and accessories from Lille Boutique —now thru 12/5/11.

Favor Jewelry–Use promo code: HONEYHOLIDAY to save 15% on Monika’s stunning jewelry. Now through Monday, Dec 5, 2011 in the Favor Jewelry shop.

Dear Golden Vintage–Use promo code: HONEYME to save 20% on amazing vintage clothing from the Dear Golden shop now thru 12/5/11!

Odette NY–Use promo code: FORYOU to save 20% on Jennifer’s fantastic jewelry in the Odette NY shop now through Monday, Dec 5, 2011.

Le Train Bleu—Bria is having a GIANT sale in her shop, Le Train Bleu. Up to 50% off! Now thru 12/5/11.

Emily Hallman–Use promo code: LUCKY2011 to save 10% off of Emily’s cute clothing in the Emily Hallman shop The discount can even be applied to sale items! Now through Dec 5. 2011.

Betsy Ann Paper—Liz is offering a 15% discount on holiday cards, gift sets and more in her shop, Betsy Ann Paper with promo code: HONEY. Now thru 12/5/11.

Jean Jean Vintage–Use promo code: HONEYJEAN for FREE SHIPPING from Duff’s stunning shop, Jean Jean Vintage! Now thru 12/4/11

Colette Patterns–Use promo code: HONEYCOLETTE for 15% off Sarai’s beautiful vintage inspired sewing patterns in the Colette Patterns shop! Now thru 12/4/11

Dino e Lucia–Use promo code: PRIVATESALE to save 40% on beautiful French clothing for kiddos from gorgeous shop, Dino e Lucia —now thru 12/01/11.

86 For The Home–Use promo code: HONEY86 to save 25% on stellar furniture and housewares from 86 For The Home —now thru 11/30/11.

86 Vintage–Use promo code: HONEY86 to save 25% on super vintage clothing finds from 86 Vintage —now thru 11/30/11.

Summerland–Use promo code: SWEETPOTATO for 30% OFF in Megan’s beautiful shop! Today only! Plus free shipping on all domestic orders over $150.

Shop Adorn–Use promo code: CYBER30 to save 30% on really good loot from Shop Adorn —today only, 11/28.

Lille Boutique—Lille is giving away a $50 gift certificate for each person who orders more than $150 worth of beautiful lingerie and accessories! This is an incredible deal that only lasts through today, 11/28/11 at Lille Boutique.

Alisha Louise Jewelry–Use promo code: holiday2011 to save 25% on Alisha’s beautiful handmade enameled jewelry in the Alisha Louise shop. Plus, free shipping on orders over $100 and complimentary gift wrap on all orders. Today only—11/28!

Babybird Vintage–There is a big 40% OFF everything sale happening in the Babybird Vintage shop! Today only!

The Loved One–Use promo code: TLO28 for 20% OFF pretty underpants today only in the TLO shop!

Yo Vintage!–Use promo code: FOOLSGOLD for 20% OFF awesome vintage clothing–today only in the YO VINTAGE! shop.

Blackbird–Use promo code: MONDAY to save 20% on SO MANY AMAZING THINGS in the Blackbird shop + add a free 20% to any gift card purchase—today only, 11/28.

Grayling Jewelry–Use promo code: MONDAYMONDAY to save 40% on Katy’s amazing handmade jewelry in the Grayling shop —TODAY ONLY, 11/28.

Troubador Vintage–Use promo code: CYBERSALE to save 30% off everything in the Troubador Vintage shop—TODAY ONLY, 11/28.

Bows + Arrows–Use promo code: CYBERMONDAY to save 30% off SO MANY RAD THINGS in the Bows + Arrows shop—TODAY ONLY, 11/28.

She She–Use promo code: CYBERMONDAY to save 25% on Jenny’s rad tees in the She She shop —today only.

Image #1 from the film The Shop Around the Corner. #2 of Clara Bow.

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  1. What a great idea and cute guide! I love it!

  2. this is awesome & super helpful!! thanks so much for linking to troubadour’s sale. :)

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    Amazing! Thank you!

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    Thanks sweet pea! This is such a helpful list! (-:

  5. Great list! I’m a big fan of Seaworthy jewelry.

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    This is so great – thank you for compiling this!

  7. Melissa says:

    This post totally encouraged that “i have to buy something today” feeling i woke up with. Just got a necklace from Clever Nettle!