Milky Pix: Cat Edition

Here is a post from lovely Anabela of Fieldguided… the blog and the shop!

The last time I wrote a guest post, it was a post on “milky pix” for Hila’s blog. I thought I would follow that one up here on lovely Jen’s blog with a post about cat milky pix, because a. I love cats (it is known), and b. when I met Jen last year in Portland, she sweetly presented me with a vintage book of cat photographs! So nice. Combining interests!

Here are some of my favourite kitty milky pix, many of which have appeared on dreamcats (I am a deadbeat dreamcats parent these days).

“I love these pictures for their light and soft, desaturated tones. Quite often they seem to be taken on beaches, on overcast days. They can be hazy, and they are always dreamy. Sometimes they are taken with a little camera called the Minolta Hi-Matic, sometimes with medium format cameras, and sometimes even with Polaroids.”
–Anabela on “Milk Pix”

image credits:
1. echo_lawrence 2. Gudny Ros 3. Miguel Teixeira 4. Geoff Piersol 5. Dream Beam 6. coquelicot, asleep in the poppies 7. Verushka Sarandy 8. Leigh Ellexson 9. hannah & landon metz 10. elo vazquez 11. Julia Hoffman


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7 Responses to “Milky Pix: Cat Edition”
  1. So sweet! This has seriously brightened up my gloomy Monday afternoon :)

  2. daria says:

    oh, they are precious! I could never have enough of cat pics!

  3. Angel Y. says:

    Such gorgeous pictures! I am missing my kitty already. She was sick this morning. :( Yay for cats.

  4. Anabela says:

    Thanks for having me, Jen!

  5. emma says:

    i love cats and i love milky pics therefore this = AWESOME :)

  6. Melissa says:

    I just made the second to last (×332.jpg) my desktop background


  7. hila says:

    swoooon anabela! and daria is right, you can never have too many kitty pictures.