Ultimate Coziness

Hello. Mallory from the Where the Lovely Things Are here. It’s snowing. Right now. Whilst I’m in the process of putting together this guest post. For about 5 minutes I watched the snow in happiness (after all, a snowy yard is a beautiful yard), but now the despair has set in. In general, my relationship with winter is a non-relationship because I loathe it.

Here are a few things I actually enjoy about the snowy + cold season: you have more room in your refrigerator because you can leave drinks to get cold in the garage/entry way; it’s aesthetically pleasing (until all the snowbanks get covered with dirt & filth–then it’s hideous); you can feel legitimately cozy. Yes, coziness can be achieved during all four seasons, but I think you can only reach a level of ULTIMATE COZINESS in winter. Ultimate coziness necessitates below freezing temperatures that you must escape from. Ultimate coziness is a state you reach though the piling of knit attire and blankets and book pages (to warm your fingers through turning, naturally). In this post you’ll find some cozy items.

As I write this, I realize that I need to live in a part of the world where snow never shows its frosty face for a few years (I’ve always lived in the Northeast of the US, so snow has always been pestering me: ruining plans and soaking into my shoes). Maybe after a couple of snowless seasons I’d learn to appreciate the flaky fiend, but for now, I plan to make it through the winter by focusing on the cozy factor and trying to ignore the other nasty parts of the season…

pants / hat / scarf / gloves / hat / cardigan / scarf / cardigan

Andy ve Eirn

scout & catalogue



sweater dress / pants / hat / scarf

Guest post by Mallory McInnis from Where the Lovely Things Are. You can also find Mallory on Twitter!

5 Responses to “Ultimate Coziness”
  1. I love this look. I love cosy fashion, curling up in front of a fire with a nice chunky jumper on!

  2. Angel Y. says:

    Oh snow, it’s a very rare occurrence here in the Southeast. It’s even more rare in central Florida. I wish it would be cold enough for me to wear outfit 1. Perhaps it’s time for a snowy vacation. :)

  3. The search for Ultimate Coziness – definitely one of the best things about winter – is almost making me a little sad that it’s coming into Summer here in New Zealand. Almost. There really isn’t much I love more than wearing super soft knit stuff and curling up with a movie, book, or the internet in winter (preferably with a cup of tea, too)

  4. I love your blog! Also, that chunky knit snood is pretty great!

  5. It’s not even cold down here in Texas so we definitely don’t have snow. Nonetheless, these cozy outfits make me want to crank up the AC so I can build a fire and cuddle up with a cup of tea.