Best of Honey Kennedy 2011: Jan + Feb

Hello! I thought it would be fun to reflect and look back at my most popular posts by month. These might be some old favorites for readers who have been with me for a while and maybe some exciting new things to see for newer readers. I hope you all are having a wonderful week before the new year–I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to 2012!

So, here we go–here are some of my most popular posts in January & February 2011…

JAN ♡ Sneak Peek: Pendleton–The Portland Collection–view the entire post.

JAN ♡ Babes in the Woods–view the entire post.

JAN ♡ Little Bandits–view the entire post.

JAN ♡ Hello, Pretty Underpants!–view the entire post.

FEB ♡ Very Dreamy Twigs & Honey–view the entire post.

FEB ♡ A Dreamy Valentine Idea–view the entire post.

FEB ♡ Sneak Peek! Patouf A/W 2011 Lookbook–view the entire post.

FEB ♡ Sneak Peek: Secret Squirrel–I’m Not Like Them–view the entire post.

More January & February 2011 Favorites:

I’ll Keep It With Mine–talking about heartbreaks in blogging.

French Sherbet–beautiful colors! Eep!

I Heart Monsieur Henry–one of my favorite collections last year!

MCMC–oooohhh… pretty scents….

Seventeen–ME AT 17 years old!

French Cars and Grosgrain–I love this collection!



#1 SNEAK PEEK: Pendleton–The Portland Collection: Images courtesy of Pendleton. Photography by Chris Hornbecker.

#2 Babes in the Woods: Images courtesy of Charlotte Stokes. Photography by Candace Meyer.

#3 Little Bandits: Images courtesy of Lonely Hearts. Photography by Rene Vaile.

#4 Hello, Pretty Underpants!: Images courtesy of The Loved One. Photography by Landon Metz.

#5 Very Dreamy Twigs & Honey: Images courtesy of Twigs & Honey. Photography by Elizabeth Messina

#6 A Dreamy Valentine Idea: Images courtesy of Lisa Warninger. Photography by Lisa Warninger.

#7 SNEAK PEEK! Patouf A/W 2011 Lookbook: Images courtesy of Patouf.

#8 SNEAK PEEK: Secret Squirrel–I’m Not Like Them: Images courtesy of Secret Squirrel. Photography by Dario Gardiman.

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