Hi there. This week was crazy–wasn’t it? Apparently Mercury is in retrograde, so that doesn’t bode well for communication or anything being easy. It was a rough week for myself and a lot of friends. Also, of course, it was all compounded by the fact that the holiday countdown has begun.

I’m trying to remind myself to take little breaks and really appreciate what I am doing in that moment without worrying about all the things that I will get back to worrying about 5–10 minutes later. My favorite way right now is to close my laptop and then sit down with two clementines–slowly peeling and eating them section by section. It’s helping.

Have a wonderful weekend and please remember to keep an eye on the big list of holiday promo codes from fantastic little shops!

Here are some very lovely links…

Beautiful photo of Gloria Swanson.

♡ Denim, sparkly nail polish, Pendleton The Portland Collection pretties, sunglasses, sweaters, boots, handbags, stuff for fellas… my giveaway with Shop Adorn is pretty wonderful. Please enter! Nicole’s shop is so good.

♡ Amazing dresses!


♡ I’m pretty mesmerized by the pink ones.

♡ I love these book covers.

♡ I love these colors.

♡ Such a lovely tartan and plaid roundup from Jane.

♡ Amazing photos by Stanley Kubrick.

♡ I love seeing all of Merche’s projects. These holiday stamps are so pretty!

♡ I would love to hang out at this property for a month or two. Beautiful!

♡ Dressing up like Ulysses.

♡ These photos are making me JAM CRAZY.

♡ Such a nice, simple little holiday craft project.

♡ So nice! Kitty cat coasters!

♡ I love Sarai’s cute travel outfits.

♡ And Sarai’s amazing book, of course. Comes with 5 sewing patterns!

♡ I love all these cute shorty skirt and cozy sweater outfits.

♡ This looks like a towel for a sock monkey.

♡ A sweet holiday card roundup.

♡ If you’re in Portland–don’t forget this shopping event tonight and tomorrow!


♡ The super magical BIG list of awesome.

♡ Late Autumn Faves #1

♡ Late Autumn Faves #2

♡ Late Autumn Faves #3

♡ Late Autumn Faves #4

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  1. abigail says:

    lovely links!

    As for the Frye heels- I sucked it up a few years back and bought a pair of purple frye heels and they are hands down THEE most comfortable heels I have ever owned! I don’t wear heels except for weddings and other dressier occasions so my feet can be bitchy about them, but these are great. I was even able to run across busy cross walks in them! lol


  2. Thanks for the link-love!

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