A Few Pretty Dresses

Here is a roundup of some lovely dresses that have caught my eye over the last few months. Also, please check out the fun guest post I have up on Jessica’s blog right now, A FEW THINGS I LOVE. I think you’ll like it!

Credits: 1. Alice Takes A Trip 2. Celine Lellouche by Julie Calbert 3. Minimarket dress at Grandpa 4. Margit Brandt 5. Lawrence 6. Yo Vintage! (sold. sad face.)

4 Responses to “A Few Pretty Dresses”
  1. Sasha says:

    oh my god. i just want to TOUCH that Margit Brandt dress. siiiilllllky!

  2. That Elvi dress is killer! I want it now. :) xo, Claudia