Folkloric: Love

{Hello! This week and next I have lined up some truly outstanding guest bloggers all musing on the theme of “Love”. They’re FANTASTIC. See you when I get back from NY! xo Jen P.S. There will also be a VERY lovely giveaway on Wednesday.}

Hi, I’m Maggie from Folkloric. I’m an artist living in Seattle, WA, where I read lots of books, drink lots of tea, and try to explore the lovely Pacific Northwest in every season. I paint and take photos and write in an attempt to create and discover things that feel authentic. Here is my poem about love…

I really couldn’t begin

to define love

(would I even want to?)

but I can tell

of one of my favorite ways

to feel love,

when I sit up and notice,

and shake my head,

and marvel.

I’m not much for

fancy dates

or flashy showings,

but after everything has been said

and everything has been done

and I am sitting

with my dear one

(perhaps I am on the sofa, drawing)

(perhaps he is in the chair, reading)

and together we are steeping

in a silence that is shared

because the quiet between us

holds love like a cup

and it is not sentimental,

but contented

and fierce

–it is in this silence that I sit up and notice,

and shake my head,

and marvel.

Images © Maggie Louden of Folkloric.


Thanks, Maggie! Find Maggie on her blog, Folkloric, and her lovely Etsy shop.

4 Responses to “Folkloric: Love”
  1. sara kristen says:

    maggie, that was… wow. you captured the feeling of love, or what is to feel love, simply, authentically and perfectly. thank you so much for sharing, it’s lovely to see you here.

    and jen, this is such a great feature. i can’t wait to read the others…

  2. Victoria says:

    Oh, so beautiful. I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time. Keep writing, you’re very inspiring!