MiH Jeans

I love this cute silk shirt dress from MiH Jeans. The white cotton one is dreamy, too!

Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I also hope a lot of my US friends are able to have some time off today for this wonderful holiday to celebrate the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and work. Along with MLK, I always end up thinking about John Lennon, Gandhi, JFK and so many other great men and women who have made such a difference in our lives. I know they would have all done more amazing things for the world had their lives not been taken.

Have a wonderful week! My posting might be a little lighter than normal this week as I’m wrapping up work and getting ready for a trip to NY later in the week. Also because my time was cut short this weekend by some online identity theft of Honey Kennedy which took up hours and hours of time trying to sort out. It was a such an awful, violating experience–I know other people have been through it! I hope none of you ever experience this sort of thievery firsthand. And if you were with me on Twitter (or friends and family on Facebook) when it was all happening–thank you so much for your supportive words, actions and advice. I truly appreciate it more than I can adequately express. THANK YOU! XO

Isn’t this silk shirt dress from MiH Jeans cute? It’s preeeettty short, but I’d wear it around the house! I love it paired with the fishnets… and a bentwood chair is always a lovely thing to have around. Don’t forget to enter the Amy Sacks Eyewear Giveaway! They’re an amazing company with the kindest mission.


➔ I LOVE the white blouse.

➔ The best checkers ever!

➔ A tale from the forest.

Velvet, bows and dots.


➔ Another beautiful lookbook!

➔ I love the colors in this pretty collection!

➔ Four more eyes for four eyes.

➔ Phenomenal old photographs.

➔ I would love a few of these!

➔ This is such an amazing project.


➔ Did you see Tilda Swinton channeling Modern Love era David Bowie?

➔ My friend Carrie’s TV show, Portlandia, is SOOOO FUNNY this season. Seriously. Watch it! The Battlestar Galactica bit had me covering my face in shame. So spot on! Check out my pal Gail’s awesome interview with Carrie about Portland and Portlandia for Salon. Also, this interview that my friend Grace did for Design Sponge is fantastic!


➔ PLEASE donate your gently used bras to help local women who really need them! There are 7 local drop off locations–it’s REALLY easy. Thru January 31!

➔ Have you been to Palace of Industry in North Portland?? My friend, Cristin, owns the place. Picture this: awesome DJs, vintage furniture, vintage clothing, housewares, bubbly, wine, beer, sake, tea, coffee, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and a lot more. You should stop by!! Check out their menu and their DJ nights!

Pin Me Apparel on N. Mississippi is closing, unfortunately. They are having a super big sale starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan 17!

I love the Beau dress with the fishnets! Adorable.


Images courtesy of MiH Jeans.

4 Responses to “MiH Jeans”
  1. giedre says:

    Yeeks…I’m sorry you had to go through that. Sometimes the internet really scares me because of all the information that’s so easily accessible, ya know? I feel like you have to be a computer genius in order to really protect yourself. Anyway, glad it’s been sorted!

    • nikki says:

      Have you heard of the new shop on Russell street called Lowell? They opened recently in my ‘hood, and I am in love! They have a lot of really neat old items and handmade local things which are very nicely curated, and a tiny cafe + bar area in the back of the store. It’s pretty sweet. You should check it out!
      I recently had my internet hacked and credit card used for fraudulent online charges. Thankfully I was covered under my credit card company, but it feels so unnerving and invasive.

  2. hila says:

    I’m so happy that identity fraud issue was sorted out – I was really shocked by it all. It amazes me what people are willing to do.

    Have a great time in New York!

  3. Melissa says:

    can you coordinate a kiss on the cheek from carrie? no? ok.