Miss Moss: Love Letters

Hi, I’m Diana from Miss Moss. If there is one aspect of Valentine’s Day I can actually get on board with, it’s the act of sending someone a love letter. It goes without saying that receiving a love note from someone is always special, whether it’s from your lover / mother / friend / secret admirer… I’ll take it! And I’ll treasure it.

Here are my top picks for great lookin’ love notes, whether you send them on Valentine’s Day or whenever the mood strikes.

Rifle Paper Co. hits the ball out of the park with their series of love cards:

Sparrownestscript has a wonderful selection of calligraphic greeting cards. The craft brews one really made me laugh:

I’m enjoying the neon pink theme going on at Banquet Workshop:

…and similarly at Tabletop Made:

I want all of these cards by Karolin Schnoor:

Seaborn Press helps you say it in French (or Italian or German):

Just fill in the blanks, courtesy of The Hungry Workshop:

The Cross Stitch cards from Pistachio Press are quite adorable:

If you’re after something subtle and delicate, look no further than Satsuma Press:

This stationery set from Besotted Brand is also beautifully simple:

Quill & Fox has a great collection of illustrated beauties:

I love this calligraphic card from Parrot Design Studio:

Paper Lovely Press has some lovely valentines tags & cards:

We go together like… is a fun series from Sapling Press:

And, whoever gets me a Star Wars card would have my love forever. These are by Dingbat Press:

Images courtesy of respective shops.


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9 Responses to “Miss Moss: Love Letters”
  1. Sam says:

    Love this post, my stationery obsession is satiated. So many lovely love-themed cards!

  2. brianne says:

    I already bought that “You’re a fox” card for my bf since we love watching fantastic mr. fox together, but I have to tell you this post is giving that card a run for its money! I also love the “mwah” card. So simple and sweet

  3. Really great post. I love sending cards/ letters/ notes and receiving them sp any excuse is fine by me!

  4. Patricia says:

    What a beautiful selection, many presses i hadnt even heard about! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. verhext says:

    This is awesome, thank you for putting it together! So many good cards!

  6. Emily says:

    What a lovely collection! I’m positively drooling over everything, especially those Rifle cards. Thanks for including my work as well. xo

  7. Kristen says:

    I love this collection of cards so much! What I love even more is that expect for one or two, they don’t explicitly say Happy Valentine’s Day, so I’ll be buying some to stash for a rainy day! Because you never know when you need a sweet love card (and it can sometimes substitute as an I’m sorry card too!) :) Just so pretty. The pink heart of birds might just have to come home and roost on my desk just because!

  8. kay says:

    so happy parrott design studio is in this list! sarah’s my best friend’s sister in law and one of the sweetest people i’ve met. :)

  9. Mia says:

    I call my husband ‘favourite’ – so the tabletop made card is perfect, and there was one left for me to buy! Thanks!