Nelli Palomaki

I’m in awe of the beautiful photography of Nelli Palomaki. Her images are haunting… and feel haunted. The images are magnetic and, to me, they feel like many moments in time at once. Even her lovely self-portrait at the bottom.

Here is a quote from the artist: “The way people act in front of the camera is truly fascinating. They are desperately searching for their mirror-face that, paradoxically, only exists in their mind. Everyone is aware of their better side and even more acutely of their flaws that they are unsuccessfully trying to hide. They recognize the same in me, and this realization makes me feel extremely insecure, I need to hide myself from their gaze.”Nelli Palomaki

Images courtesy of Nelli Palomaki. Via The Best Time of the Day.

One Response to “Nelli Palomaki”
  1. april says:

    the portrait of the kid in the white-knicker-jumpsuit-thingy is really amazing! so awkward. so sad. so WHITE-KNICKER-JUMPSUIT!