Simple Village Girl: The Unlovable, Loved

Hello there! I’m Siubhan from the blog, Simple Village Girl.

There are so many things that I love nowadays that I used to really not love. Things that just, for me, had negative connotations, be it through past experience, lack of experience or just my own stubbornness! When Jen got me thinking about ‘love’ as a theme for this post, I ended up thinking about all those things I once baulked at, but now feel completely different about. I’m always trying to be more open minded about things, so I think a little list of things that I love now, but used to really dislike, might help with my continuing resolve!

#1 Organisation

I was once renowned for my disorganisation–I wrote all of my university essays the night before, never sent birthday cards on time… it was a bit chaotic, really, not to mention stressful, although I stubbornly stuck to it for years. Nowadays though, I’m reconciled to the fact that as long as being organised can involve going overboard on stationary, buying notebooks and diaries and fancy calendars, and maybe new lamps–organisation actually suits me fine.

#2 Geometry

I am terrible at maths, and I’m afraid no amount of fancy stationary can fix this one for me, but, at least to a certain extent, my current love for geometric shapes might go some way. Triangles and geometry, as Jen’s guest blogger, Charlie, pointed out a few months ago, are everywhere, and although I fear that maths and I will never make up, at least I can appreciate a good triangle.

#3 The Cold

Up until last week, winter has been pretty pathetic in England. Last year we had feet of snow, and I complained bitterly the whole time, but this winter it has taken until January 14 for there even to be a frost. Despite all my complaining the last time around though, I’ve actually really missed proper winter weather this year. When it comes down to it, I love the way the countryside looks when it’s crisp and frosty, and I love the way snow turns a city you think you know into a whole new place altogether. I also have a serious love for everything wool … so I have decided to embrace the cold. In the winter at least.

#4 Whisky

I grew up in Scotland, so perhaps I was always going to end up loving whisky eventually, but nonetheless, a few years ago I couldn’t get on with it at all. As it turns out, I was just trying the wrong ones. The very smoky stuff is impossible to drink, I admit, but some of the less serious types, like Jura, or Talisker or Bruichladdich (which is actually made in the village I grew up in) are much lighter and easier going. The best thing about whisky though, and what I love most about it, is drinking it in the coldest depths of the winter–it completely warms you up. It’s hopeless in the summer though, I think, so it’s another thing to love cold weather for I suppose!

#1: perpetual calendar, mini stationery set, desk lamp, daily planner #2: coral and mint triangle necklace, gold and black triangle necklace, turquoise triangle ring, triangle shelves #3: photo by Kyle Johnson, Munich, Schwabing photo from The Stylish Citizen, twist head wrap #4: glenrothes sampler photo by robert f. stokes, talisker, whisky

Thanks, Siubhan!

6 Responses to “Simple Village Girl: The Unlovable, Loved”
  1. Oh my goodness, are you me? I could’ve written this word for word myself! I’m disorganisation-combatting, maths-hating but shape-loving, longing for cosy winter wool in summer and having whisky parties. I think we’d get along just fine :)

  2. gia says:

    Fun stuff. Do you drink your whiskey straight? I like some bourbons, but I’m a newbie. I like to add lemon and a bit of lemonade on the rocks. I’d be curious about how you like it. Maybe with gingerale, or have you ever had it with bitters?

  3. Love the post and the blog!
    And thank YOU for the feature of our mint triangle ring :D

  4. rebekka says:

    Ah, my husband loves him some whiskey! And let’s face it, so do I. Especially fancy-pretty ones like these :)

  5. i love whiskey… i drink it with sparkling water if I’m driving… otherwise i have it neat or on the rocks… this weekend i’ve been trying to organize my house but somehow things just never go away!

  6. Graylin says:

    Love this idea–might have to do my own list–what a fabulous idea!

    I love love love love me some Talisker!