The Coletterie: Some Places I’ve Loved

Hi, my name is Sarai. My blog is The Coletterie and I have a sewing pattern company called Colette Patterns. I’m filling in for Jen today with a guest post.

I think of myself as part homebody and part enthusiastic explorer. In my daily life, I live for quiet domestic pursuits: sewing, reading, cooking, knitting, gardening.

But every life needs contrasts. For all my domesticity, it’s venturing outside of that comfortable little home world that transforms everything. Seeing all the possible ways there are to live, the lives that people are born into and build, has a way of bringing your own life into focus in a way that nothing else can. It makes you understand that your life is a choice to a large extent. Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes when I feel stuck, I think back to some of the incredible places I’ve been. I thought I’d share a few of the places that have inspired me over the last several years. Have you visited any of them?

Buenos Aires

I just came back from this incredible city, my first trip ever to South America. Filled with beautifully crumbling Art Nouveau buildings, the architecture has led BA to be dubbed “the Paris of South America.” The mix of European and South American cultures has created a city unlike any other. The ice cream is incredible and the cemetery in Recoleta is perhaps the most beautiful I’ve seen.


Iceland is like a little world in itself. It has all the style of Scandinavia along with a landscape like nothing else on earth. It’s positively iridescent.


The rich artistic history of Vienna is visible everywhere. It’s amazing to see the very heart of a bustling modern city lined with great baroque castles and great Gothic towers. I would love to return here.


Italy is full of beautiful places, but the incredible scenery and moody atmosphere of Amalfi is astounding. Every night we were here there were violet storms, and every day the skies would clear over the electric blue sea.

I wonder if you have places like this, that continue to inspire you and help you remember your place in the big, beautiful world?

Images ©Sarai Mitnick.


Thanks, Sarai! See Sarai’s designs at Colette Patterns & find her on Twitter. AND she recently wrote a fantastic book, The Colette Sewing Handbook.

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  1. I got married on the Amalfi coast and it was so beautiful! So Italy is definitely an inspirational place for me!

    Paris is also a place I keep returning to- so fascinating.

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