Tiger In A Jar: Wrapped Up In Books

Hi! We are Matt and Julie from Tiger in a Jar. We make videos (editor’s note: BEAUTIFUL videos, that is!) but we also love to cook, watch old movies, and talk endlessly about how great it would be to have our own garden. We are excited to be here and share with you something that we love.

One of our greatest loves in life are books. When we were both younger, reading a good book was a great adventure. Whether it was a beautifully illustrated kids book or an imaginary adventure through middle earth (Julie’s weakness) we both loved the places books were able to take our imaginations. That same sense of adventure has translated to today as we are always up for hunting down vintage books.

One advantage to living in the basement of Matt’s grandmother’s 90 year old house, is the chance to look through the stacks of old boxes and stumble upon musty pages and beautiful covers. On occasion we find little notes which makes the find feel a little more personal.

Images courtesy of Tiger In A Jar.


Thanks, Julie and Matt! Find them at Tiger In A Jar and on Twitter!

One Response to “Tiger In A Jar: Wrapped Up In Books”
  1. erin says:

    these notes always remind me to add one of my own to books i give as gifts. good for now and later.