Unruly Things: Whiskey By the Fire

hi there! this is Alyson from Unruly Things. I’m excited to fill in for Jen while she’s off in New York. Jen asked for our guest posts to have something to do with the theme “love” and the first thing that I thought of was taking a romantic, weekend vacation–for two! since my son Wolf was born, my husband and I haven’t had any “us time”.  not to say we’re dying to get away from the little guy, but a weekend for just the two of us sounds quite nice!

lately my mind has been pretty distracted with the idea of enjoying a wintry weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods. free of distractions, time to unwind and most importantly, exploring the wilderness. we’d explore on snowshoes. we’d play outside in the cold air until our noses and cheeks turned pink. then we’d hunker down in our comfiest sweats in the evening. we’d dream about our future while fixing a delightful dinner. we’d play cards and make up silly songs.  we’d warm our bodies with whiskey by the fire.

we’d sneak outside, bundled up in our warmest blankets and stare at the stars. we’d wake up early to catch the sunrise and with hopes that we’d spy a few deer passing by. we’d sip hot tea and dine on buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. we’d do all of this together and not once think of the responsibilities we’ve left behind in the city.  sigh… now who’ll watch the baby?  ;)


and to get me even more inspired {and dreamy} here’s what I might pack for our cozy night away:

denim shirt / parka / earrings / pack / sweats / blanket / mug / mandolin / harmonica / moccasins / firestarter kit / libations


Thanks, Alyson! Find Alyson at Unruly Things and on Twitter.


Image credits: Cabin by Jon & Brigid. Stars by Henrik Kettunen

6 Responses to “Unruly Things: Whiskey By the Fire”
  1. Chelsea says:

    What a lovely daydream. I would love to do just that! xo

  2. tamerajane says:

    Mmm. So nice. I need to start enjoying the cozy part of winter more.

  3. Sally Mae says:

    Thank you for making me want $90 sweatpants. So chic!

  4. Erica says:

    Sounds lovely, Alyson! I wouldn’t mind a getaway like that, myself.

  5. Quindome says:

    I don’t know if I’d enjoy the outdoors part so much, but the bag would be great for a city hike! Love it!

  6. Phara says:

    That sounds like a perfect getaway!