Wit & Delight: Love Thyself

Hi, I’m Kate from Wit & Delight! When Jen asked me to contribute a guest post around the theme of “Love”, I immediately thought about the love/hate relationship we have with ourselves. In fact, about six months ago I set a goal to learn more about who I really was. I needed to find a way to accept the real me, and let go of the part of me that was defined by what I accomplished in a day, a week, or in my life. That journey has taken me to a very quiet, simple place that I revisit when the relationship with myself starts to flounder.

Here are a few ways I give a little love to myself when I need it the most.

1. Release your passion. Listen to your heart and indulge in what inspires you for an afternoon.

2. Relive some stress. Sometimes singing the entire Middle Cyclone album does it for me. Other times I go on a long run. The release brings balance and clarity.

3. Reflect. Journaling is my favorite way to get things off my brain, especially when it involves a nice bubble bath.

{Credits: Wood Caddy, Juliana Schalch Painting, Middle Cyclone}


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