Ana Montiel: A Heart-Shaped Post

¡Hola! My name is Ana and I’m very happy to be guest blogging today on Honey Kennedy! I’m a Spanish visual artist and designer living in London at the moment. Apart from working on creative projects I love to blog at AM On the Present Tense, cook, read, practice yoga and many other things. If you want to find more about my activities you can visit my website or watch this video–that Tea Time Studio made about me. The second option is more fun ;)

When Jen asked me to post about something related to love a very clear image appeared in my mind. A dazzling and timeless heart. Love is such a wide, universal and fascinating subject that is difficult to focus for a moment on just one of its different angles, but as an imagemaker I thought it would be fun to pay an homage to its official symbol: THE HEART.

Ancient Egyptians left the heart inside the mummies as it was regarded as “the centre indispensable to the body in the eternity” and for alchemists the heart was the image of the sun within the human body, just as gold was the image of the sun on earth.

Over the last couple of years I must have drawn hundreds of hearts… All kind of colours, techniques and sizes. The excuse for it was that I was working on some commissions for Nina Ricci. One of the brand’s key symbols is the heart, in fact the the first perfume they launched in 1946 was “Coeur Joie” and it’s definitely heart-shaped!

The illustration in the beginning of this post is one of the illustrations I made for Nina. The rest of the imagery is a heart-shaped personal selection, hope you like it :)

Also, as a bonus related to the subject here you are three wonderful movies and three amazing songs with the word “heart” on their titles that came to my mind. Love them all.

I Heart Huckabees
Le Souffle au Coeur
Wild at Heart

Heart of Chambers by Beach House
Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite
Heart of Glass by Blondie

With Love,


PS: Thanks for having me Jen! ♥

{image credits: 1. Nina Ricci Crystal Collection Heart by Ana Montiel 2. Hanging Heart by Jeff Koons 3. Bubbles and Hearts by INeedChemicalX 4. Mappemonde Cordiforme d’Oronce Fine (NLA) via Peacay 5. Heart-Shaped Leaf via Vintage Printable 6. Romantic Heart by Carol Belanger Grafton}


Thanks, Ana! Find Ana on her blog, her portfolio and Twitter!

8 Responses to “Ana Montiel: A Heart-Shaped Post”
  1. Such a great post…thanks for all the valentines inspiration!

  2. Great post! I love I Heart Huckabees.

  3. Sasha says:

    eee! i am Hearting the heck out of all of these wonderful images!

  4. Rachel says:

    Love this post! Bravo.

  5. I am a fan or Ana Montiel work and I have been more than happy to read this post here.