Astral Boutique: Love Potion No. 9 Recipe

Hello beautiful sailors on the ship of HMS Honey Kennedy, I’m Sasha from Astral Boutique! I’m here to bring you a little Valentine’s Day love potion, courtesy of my post-graduate studies in Herbalism. My post today is illustrated by some of the members of my husband’s very extensive troll collection (editor’s note: OMG).

If experience in love has taught me anything (me and my dude are coming up on our 20th anniversary this May, so I hope I’ve learned something), it’s that you have to let your loved one take over at least one entire room with their Stuff. You just never know when all that “junk” is going to come in handy! And yes, it is quite possible that the trolls controlled my mind in order to make me do this.

Valentine’s Day Love Magic!

You want to get a little closer. You want to give it a chance. To be considered as more than just a friend. Just one more hour. Just one light left on. Just one little kiss. You want LOVE POTION NUMBER 9!

Hawthorne Berries to make the heart beat more strongly. To open someone up to love. To allow love to express itself more courageously.

Damiana to inspire the sharing of secrets. To light a fire where one is needed.

Pomegranate Seeds for multiple possibilities. For fecundity. For fertility.

Strawberries for gentleness, sweetness, and the YUM factor.

Rose Petals for TRUE LOVE.

All of these ingredients have been used by humans as “aphrodisiacs” for thousands of years. The jury is out on whether there are any true aphrodisiacs in nature, except for the chemicals that we produce in our own brains; meanwhile, rest assured that anything that lowers inhibitions and opens the heart to intimacy increases the chances that the libido will be fired up. * Please note that Hawthorne is not advised for anyone taking heart medication.*

Use a pint-sized glass mason jar (or quart size for a very swinging party). Use approximately equal parts of each ingredient, dried or fresh, to fill the jar loosely, and then cover it all with a good quality brandy (you can use a plain or flavored vodka if you don’t like brandy). Make sure that everything stays below the surface of the liquid, so that it won’t touch the air and spoil (you can use a rock or crystal to hold it down). You might have to top off the jar as the dried ingredients soak up liquid. Let the jar sit for two weeks, somewhere that you can see it and touch it and give it the energy of your romantic intentions. Give it a good stir every few days for the first week. After two weeks, strain the liquid into another jar, making sure to press out the herbs and berries as you do so, to get every last drop of good stuff. Serve as-is, or make a cocktail with one part potion, one part fruit juice. Sparkling water or ice can also be a nice addition–the idea is to make it tasty.

Then take a deep breath, relax, and see what happens…

Images ©Sasha Soukup of Astral Boutique.


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  1. Oh my word, Trolls! This post has totally made my day.

  2. tamerajane says:

    Hahaha YESSS. Love potion making trolls.