I Heart You #1

While I was away in NY I had so many amazing blogger pals filling in for me. If you missed any–I’m rounding up a nice list for you to refer to in two parts. Here is part one! The theme I gave these wonderful people was, simply, “LOVE”. They each put together such sweet and thoughtful posts–I wish I could hug them all. Make sure to visit their lovely personal blogs and find them on Twitter–these are talented, funny and kind folks! ♡

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Maggie from Folkloric
Maggie wrote a very romantic and inspiring poem to go along with her always lovely photographs. She’s a NW girl and her blog has an amazing visual serenity.
Read Maggie’s guest post: Love

Alyson from Unruly Things
Alyson is a fellow Portlander who keeps a wonderful blog, makes pretty jewels and is proud momma to one of the cutest little boys ever. This post is ROMANTIC!!
Read Alyson’s guest post: Whiskey By the Fire

Hila from Le Projet d’Amour
Such a dreamy post. Hila has a way with words–her own and excerpts from others matched perfectly with previously unrelated imagery. Her blog inspires me so much.
Read Hila’s guest post: Literary Love

Lauren from Dear Golden
Awww… Lauren has an eagle eye for stunning vintage. “Who owned this vintage ____ before me” is always such a fun thing to daydream about and I think Lauren’s vintage collection might hold some of the best stories ever.
Read Lauren’s guest post: Keep It Like A Secret

Sarai from Colette Patterns
Sarai is one of my dear friends here in Portland and I always love hearing her wonderful travel stories and seeing her photographs. I am so eager to go to Vienna and I didn’t even know she’d been!
Read Sarai’s guest post: Some Places I’ve Loved

Alison from TeenAngster
Alison is one of my online pals that I finally got to meet in person while I was in NY. She’s so cool! This post really knocked my socks off and I will forever think of her as a snake priestess. Her blog always makes me super happy.
Read Alison’s guest post: The Serpent, The Symbol

Anja from Clever Nettle
This post from Anja even includes a romantic download! So lovely and haunting. What’s more romantic than reading a stack of vintage love letters?? In addition to blogging and selling vintage–Anja has been making rad clothing and accessories.
Read Anja’s guest post: Long Lost Love

Diana from Miss Moss
Diana is a lovely lady living in South Africa and her blog is a constant visual feast. Her Honey Kennedy guest post this time is such a sweet roundup of dreamy Valentine’s Day stationery.
Read Diana’s guest post: Love Letters

Kate from Wit & Delight
Kate keeps a very inspiring blog–I love her clean design aesthetic. I wish I would have known this lady when I lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul! This post is a nice reminder to treat yourself like you would treat a loved one.
Read Kate’s guest post: Love Thyself

Caroline from Greedy Girl
YAY! Caroline is a fantastic blogger AND fellow dog lover–I recommend finding her on Instagram (greedy_girl) for regular pug love. I really want to try the hair shadow she mentions in her guest post!
Read Caroline’s guest post: Turning Art Into the Everyday

Erin from Design for Mankind
I haven’t had the chance to meet this dynamo in person, but I sure enjoy chatting with her online! Erin keeps a wonderful blog and has been documenting her home renovations on HGTV. Such a busy lady! This heart-shaped post is adorable.
Read Erin’s guest post: Turning Art Into the Everyday

Elise from Pennyweight
Elise is a talented freelance stylist and vintage seller living in Nashville, Tennessee. This post has so many dreamy lingerie and lounge pieces! Love it.
Read Elise’s guest post: Feeling Cheeky

12 Responses to “I Heart You #1”
  1. Chelsea says:

    The guests posts were fabulous! Happy to have to you back. xo

  2. I really enjoyed all of the guest posts! Hope you had a fab time away.

  3. Loved the guest posts, so many beautiful blogs.

  4. Phara says:

    They were all amazing in their own way!

  5. Hila says:

    Thank you Jen :)

    And I hope you enjoyed New York!

  6. Thanks so much for having me, Jen! :)