I Heart You Pt. 2!

YAY! While I was away in NY some of my incredible blogger friends filled in for me–this is the 2nd part of a two part feature giving a shout out to these wonderful people (see part one!). Please check them out–the level of thoughtfulness and talent of this bunch is pretty amazing. I feel so lucky to have them in my life online and many of them in real life. THANKS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS!

Siubhan from Simple Village Girl
This post by lovely lady makes me want to revisit a few things that I’ve never quite acquired a taste for, like whiskey. I love reading Siubhan’s blog and seeing the beautiful photographs she takes on her adventures in the U.K.–it definitely gives me big daydreams.
Read her post: The Unlovable, Loved

Kelly from Little Paper Planes
Kelly made a sweet mixtape for your and incorporated her own photographic visuals from trips with her sweetheart for each song. So inspiring! I love visiting Kelly’s wonderful shop full of fantastic art!
Read her post: Songs for Your Heart

Fallon Elizabeth from A Lovely Being
Oh, this post from Fallon Elizabeth is so adorable! Old movie stars spending quality time with their pups–LOVE IT! Also, this lady has a dazzling personal blog.
Read her post: Heavy Petting

Julie and Matt from Tiger In A Jar
So nice! Julie and Matt take some photos of vintage books they love. Make like the wind and go check out their site NOW. They make the most stunning and inspiring videos. Total magic!
Read their post: Wrapped Up In Books

Kater from All This Happiness
Dear Kater is over the moon about Downton Abbey (hear, hear!), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and scads of other nerdery. Check out her blog–she has stunning outfit posts and is a lot of fun!
Read her post: Internet Dorkiness

Erin from Calivintage
This post is so adorable–especially since Erin’s kitty friend felt the need to get in on the act. Vintage love notes! Check out Erin’s blog–she has been posting AMAAAAAZING photographs from New York Fashion Week. SO GOOD.
Read her post: Vintage Ephemera

Sasha from Astral Boutique
Sasha has a background as an herbalist and wrote up a love potion recipe for you! I hope someone tries it and reports back to us–it sounds delicious, too. This lady has is a wonder–sells amazing vintage, makes dreamy music, makes magic and is a stellar friend.
Read her post: Love Potion No. 9 Recipe

Nicolle from Sacred Lotus
Nicolle gathered up a bunch of her current favorite illustrations. She is a fellow Portlander, always posts inspiring imagery AND is a wonderful mom to a very confident young man (such a character!).
Read her post: Love Illustrated

Ana from AM on the Present Tense
So cool! Ana was inspired by the shape of love–THE HEART. She includes gorgeous artwork, songs and movies! Visit Ana’s site to see her incredible artwork–she is a very talented lady. I am confident that I will meet her in person someday!
Read her post: A Heart-Shaped Post

Marika from Ay Marieke
My friend, Marika, talks about a few things that truly “make her heart swell”. This lady is one of my pals here in Portland AND she makes pretty jewelry, works at two of the best shops in town and has a great love for vintage!
Read her post: Like Wings

Jessica from The Shiny Squirrel
Jessica shares a little ode to her favorite time of year–winter! Beautiful images. Visit this lady for a waterfall of inspiration every day. And visit her pop-up shops in NY!
Read her post: Ode to Winter

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