On the Moon

In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought it would be nice to give that old devil moon a wink. I’ve rounded up a few things that through shape, color or texture remind me of my BFF, the moon. Maybe it’s because she’s my ruling planet, but since I was a wee one I’ve been a night sky-infatuated, stargazing moonchild. This post could have ended up much longer–I really had to reel it in!

{1. vintage demijohn glass bottle 2. pyrite heart 3. horsehair urn}

{1. handmade hanging lamp 2. oushak rug 3. cullen velvet chair 4. dark oushak rug}

{1. eclipse and moon phases print 2. milky way galaxy print 3. signed moon print (I own this–it’s wonderful!) 4. la lune print 5. the cosmic wanderers poster}

{1. black sparkle earrings 2. zodiac constellation buttons 3. sun, moon & stars 4. bronze moon necklace 5. silver moon earrings (I got these for Christmas–LOVE.}

18 Responses to “On the Moon”
  1. pinelopi says:

    I’m really addicted to everything that has to do with the moon lately! even the jewelry i make are about it… I love your post!

  2. gia says:

    You know it’s a full moon tonight riiiiight??

  3. Am a moon fan too…could watch it for hours. Love those earrings.

  4. I simply adore the moon necklace:) Have a great day.

  5. Jamie says:

    How exciting! This whole collection is awesome, and I am super flattered that you blogged my constellation buttons because I’ve been such a huge fan of you for ages! What a great surprise :)

  6. tamerajane says:

    Best post. I want everything. Wah!

  7. tamerajane says:

    p.s. look at you with the photoshopping

  8. julia says:

    what a fantastic post! i’m seriously thinking of getting a lunar cycle related tattoo one day… and my “moon” tag on tumblr is getting a wee bit out of hand: http://garconniere.tumblr.com/tagged/moon

    so sad that eclipse and moon phase poster sold! it’s so great!