Secret Squirrel: Art Class

YAY! The new collection from Secret Squirrel, “Art Class” is so effing beautiful. The prints, textures and colors are deliriously pretty. I also love the varying lengths of the skirts, dresses and sweaters. I pulled together some of my favorite looks from their massive Winter 2012 lookbook. Check out their cute video, too!

Photography by Rene Vaile. Images courtesy of Secret Squirrel.



Photography: Rene Vaile
Styling: Ilona Hamer
Hair: Julia Mcgrath @ Suki Salon
Makeup: Tara Airlie
Model: Valentina @ Chic

8 Responses to “Secret Squirrel: Art Class”
  1. giselaandzoe says:

    love the last picture with the geometric print skirt and top, the whole styling. and the tea length skirts!

  2. Tallin says:

    Oh love.

    Jen, did you do the background on these photos yourself? Super cute!

  3. Teresa says:

    Oh snap! I was just looking at this collection on their website! It’s so gorgeous. I’m especially in love with the triangle/geometric print skirt. :)

  4. Hila says:

    One of each please Jen :) I love the concept for this too – ‘Art Class’. It speaks to both my love of art and my inner nerd.