Golden Peach

I got myself a lovely leather pouch in “golden peach” from ANN-YA recently. I love it and for such a good price! Anja restocked her pouches recently (and added a new color!), so now is a good time to snap one up. Also, cat coasters! See more HERE.

Images courtesy of ANN-YA / ANJA VERDUGO.

8 Responses to “Golden Peach”
  1. Chelsea says:

    Oh, these look dreamy. The photography is lovely, as are the pouches. xo

  2. Kristen says:

    Oh so much for the no-spending money idea. I love these leather pouches, but oh the kitty key chain! It’s so cute I can’t stand it. And I did break my key chain today (and as a result almost locked myself out of the car), so I think I can justify this purchase. Plus, it’s SO cute! :-)

  3. Cait Emma says:

    ooo love. i want i want.