Happy Friday!

Aren’t these roses beautiful? I bought them last night after finally seeing Hugo (love it! fantastique!) with the Mr. It’s amazing how much of a mood lifter it always is to have pretty pink flowers greet you in every room. I still feel a bit raw from earlier this week and I’m looking forward to a fresh outlook and sprucing up the nest this weekend–fluffing pillows, hanging artwork and making things dazzle a little more. Oh! A few days ago I sent my guest post to Diana–please keep an eye on her blog next week! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for hanging out with me. xo


✚ A beautiful rosy scarf.

✚ I want to paint my bedroom this color.

✚ This sweet post makes my Irish eyes happy. I wish my grandfather was still here–he’d be absolutely thrilled!


✚ I’m thinking of just staying in bed all weekend to re-watch all these movies.

✚ Ummm… HELLO, cognac mustard!


✚ Adorable dress for a wee one.

✚ I love this pretty cuff.

✚ These three girls are SO TALENTED! This post made me happy.

✚ Beautiful artwork from Ana.


✚ I’m so happy Grace spoke her mind in the comments. I completely agree.

✚ Awesome giveaway–I love this tote! Os Mutantes is one of my favorite bands.

✚ Such a cute sailor dress!

✚ Stunning little necklace.


✚ Help the animals! Today is the rad First Friday event at Sword + Fern with Amy Sacks Eyewear from 6–9pm. See Emily’s cool new designs for eyeglass chains. Proceeds go to benefit The Pixie Project and their mission to rescue animals. 811 E. Burnside #114, Portland

✚ A Yo Vintage sale at Gold + Arrow Salon! Today! 30% from 6–7pm, 20% off from 7–8pm and 10% off from 8–9pm. Gold + Arrow will be doing free styling and blow-outs, too! 1221 SW Alder St. PDX

Stars Antiques is having their big Stars On Sale event starting today, March 2, and running through Monday, March 5. They have great discounts on awesome vintage during their sales events!! Stop by! They plan this event to coincide with the big Palmer/Wirfs antiques expo so people can live the vintage dream for an extended weekend. 7027 SE Milwaukie Avenue in beautiful Portland!


Image by me, Jen McCabe! Find me on Instagram: honeykennedy

10 Responses to “Happy Friday!”
  1. gia says:

    Dang! I think that comment by Grace was harsh! I would be so offended if I were the person who wrote the first comment. Oh well. We all have diff. opinions.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Really? I didn’t take it that way AT ALL! She is a very sweet, kind person and just wanted to make a point of something that had been bothering her. I’ve felt bad in the past over little comments like that in daily life–online and in person. When people make assumptions about your life it just doesn’t feel supportive and can be quite demeaning. I guess it is hard to read tone online, but she would never want to make someone feel bad and I don’t think the reader did feel bad about the conversation she’d inadvertently spurred–so that’s good!

  2. Gwen Akacin says:

    Dearest Jen,
    Sometimes when I visit you, I feel a little bad. Not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not clever and so on, because HK is all those things; good, pretty, clever…uber! And I want it. I want it all! The beautiful blog, the fanciness, the sweet instagram, the great human connections and so on. But your post from last week and again a reminder today (by link), about isolating yourself, saying yes too often, drowning yourself in work and those blasted lady issues, really reminded me that while you are good, pretty, clever you are most importantly human. I have a new love for HK and indeed you as well. Thank you so much for your candor.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Thank you for your sweet and honest comment, Gwen. I really appreciate it! I think it’s important to remember that everyone has difficult things in their life that they aren’t broadcasting. I sometimes find myself envying other people, but always keep in mind that I’m not seeing the whole story. That always helps me to not beat myself up or compare myself as much. And, yeah–I am VERY human. I just usually share the intensely personal stuff away from the screen and I’m trying to find a balance to integrate more of it here in this space. Thanks again! xo

  3. I ended up reading nearly the entire comment thread, fascinating! I think it’s great that Grace spoke her mind and put things in a wider context – and I think it’s even better that it caused so much conversation and debate, but in a largely polite, respectful way.

    Also: cognac mustard, omg.

  4. Marisa says:

    I love what Grace said in her blog comments. We should not feel obligated to mix our success with equal parts guilt. I believe in being humble but I think we should support our fellow business woman with uplifting words of encouragement. PS… thanks for including my cuff!

    • Jen McCabe says:

      YES! Uplifting words of encouragement! I especially LOVE it when I see women spending their dollars at independent shops and women owned businesses. Also, you’re welcome–it’s so pretty!!