Thom Dolan S/S 2012

I love the beautiful new Thom Dolan collection for Spring/Summer 2012. Navy, white and hot pink? Yes, please. The fabrics look so comfy, too! Thomsine’s collections always seem to have a spirit of adventure and personal narrative. (See my post about F/W 2011!)

Here’s what she told me: “I’m always inspired by uniforms, particularly the uniforms from my youth–school, sports, marching bands, gas station attendants, fast food restaurants and on and on. So, this particular story or season is about a small town girl who breaks out and heads for the coast (East Coast that is!), but still carries with her all of those influences and the two worlds start to mingle.”

Images courtesy of Thom Dolan.

5 Responses to “Thom Dolan S/S 2012”
  1. stephanie says:

    Love the pops of pink amidst the classic navy, it’s a bit unexpected!

  2. verhext says:

    I’ll be wearing nipples for Spring.

    Just kidding. I have lots of chambray and smock-y tops and stripes, I think they definitely need some neon.

  3. martha says:

    really beautiful !