Absolute Monarchy

This Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors installation, by Elizabeth Corkery, is pretty spectacular. The entire ‘Absolute Monarchy’ room (49ft x 19ft) was screenprinted on 220 masonite panels and incorporates plastic mirror clips and adhesive mirror vinyl. The perspective on the real room makes it look infinitely long and Elizabeth has been able to create fantastic depth in her modern depiction of one of the world’s most opulent and famous rooms. See more HERE.

Images courtesy of Elizabeth Corkery.


March 2012
Elizabeth Corkery Solo Show
Tjaden Gallery, NY
Funded in part by the Cornell Council for the Arts

7 Responses to “Absolute Monarchy”
  1. Donaville says:

    Beautiful! All it’s missing is Marie Antoinette.

  2. Hila says:

    wow, thanks for introducing me to this installation Jen, it’s wonderful!

  3. Jess says:

    Um, wow. We’re seeing the real Versailles later this year… I hope I’m not disappointed. :) I just wrote a post on the aesthetic of Coppola’s film… it must be the season for all things Antoinette.


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