So, here is a new series I’ve created–CAVALCADE! The number of things that I intended on posting, in some thoughtful way, really becomes such a mountain each week. There’s never enough time in the day! Hopefully, with this new series, I’ll be able to get more of this beauty rounded up for you here on Honey Kennedy–instead of getting buried under more and more lovely things. I hope you like it!

1. Alida Valli (Italian actress) 2. Silk & Sawdust dress 3. Deer statue from Bellalulu 4. Pine cabinet from Urge Studio 5. Astier de Villatte Eau de Cologne at Alder & Co. (email to order) 6. Victorian sheet music at VADS 7. Eve Delf at NYFW by Vanessa Jackman 8. Souvenirs d’Enfance book from Vintage Works 9. Brittany flag from photo by Paulus Maximus (I want to go so badly!) 10. Neutral Milk Hotel totes from Sharks Keep Moving 11. Amazing chalk lettering by Dana Tanamachi 12. New Fall 2012 dress by Sarah Seven 13. Ingrid Bergman (19 years old!) in her first film, Munkbrogreven, 1934 14. The Moon tea from Blackbird 15. Small leather notebooks

10 Responses to “Cavalcade!”
  1. I love it! Such an elegant collection!


  2. that was a loverly collection!

  3. Good idea! So much pretty.

  4. kate says:

    These are such beautiful things! I particularly like that black lace dress. It is the thing that dreams are made of and I have already decided my next purchase will be that tote.

  5. Kacie says:

    Perfect! What a lovely idea.


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