Light as a Feather

These new scarves from Fieldguided are so pretty! I keep going back and forth trying to pick a favorite. While the meteor print is the obvious choice for me, I keep leaning towards the Venus statue and ice cave prints as well. ZUT ALORS! What to do?? They’re just so lovely. Plus, they have *hand-rolled hems! More HERE.

(*This is a considerable amount of work–if you’ve never done it before. I tried my hand (see it here) at hand-rolled hems on a silk scarf that I made for a friend that was 1/6 this size. EEEEP–it took such a long time! Well worth the effort, of course. The end result is much more special.)


Images courtesy of Fieldguided. Photography by Anja Verdugo.


Photography: Anja Verdugo
Styling: Megan Hart
Model: Audra Le
Location: Beautiful Portland, Oregon. The City of Roses–HEEEEY!

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  1. Beyond stunning, I wouldn’t know whether to wind it round my neck or hang it on the wall.

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