Daylight Beneath the Waves

While I was in Chicago I stayed at Longman & Eagle for part of my trip and I had a lot of fun chatting with the staff and hanging out at the bar in their attached restaurant. I met my friend, Jenny, there on my first night in town and immediately knew which cocktail I needed to order. It sounded so dreamy–and it was!

Bluecoat Gin, Dimmi, Luxardo Maraschino, Acid Phosphate
Inspired by Berlioz opera “Lelio,” the name and flavor profile comes from the lyrics; “Come where the daylight glitters beneath the azure stream; watch how the horned moon at midnight sends through the waters its pure sparkling beam! See how the cloudless sky seems clearer, how the stars a spangled image make.”

When the bartender set the drink down in front of me–I was a looking forward to it, but it just looked like a slightly cloudy, clear cocktail. Because I was wondering about the “acid phosphate” ingredient (and because I’m a little bit of brat)–I chirped at the bartender, “Hey–isn’t my cocktail supposed to glow or something?”

He spun around and gave me a smug look and then fumbled under the bar for a few minutes before presenting a mag light. I’m glad I had my camera handy because when he illuminated my Daylight Beneath the Waves cocktail for me–it looked as magical as it had sounded in the description! So cool, right?

I’ll definitely be staying at Longman & Eagle again in the future. Thanks to Derek Alexander–the awesome mixologist who was kind enough to indulge my heckling while making us some really lovely drinks. I’ll share more photos soon!

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Photography by me. Photos © Jen McCabe.

11 Responses to “Daylight Beneath the Waves”
  1. A glowing cocktail! So cool. Do you remember was in it?

  2. Melissa says:

    glowing drinks! now all they need to do is find a way to light it on fire to win my tacky heart.

  3. Lauren says:

    Fun post! I’m going to be staying at L&E at the end of the month, I’m very excited! Will be sure to order this drink while I’m there. Any other favorite places that I should visit while in Chicago?

    • Jen McCabe says:

      YAY! It’s a great place. Agent Gallery, Black Dog Gelato (close to Agent!!), Jayson Home & Garden, Intelligentsia, Lula, The Violet Hour… so many places. There are a lot of great recommendations in that post I linked to above!

  4. miss alix says:

    my gosh what a cool drink. this is one of those ones where you would definitely want a pro to make it for you. it looks so fun.

  5. Cara says:

    Oh man, I sure hope you had the chance to eat at L&E in addition to sampling their cocktails. Their food is even better! Lets just say, duck testicles are way more awesome than they sound.