Fancy French Cologne

Here are some cute new things from Fancy French Cologne. A lot of the pretty things in the Entre Nous section are exclusive to the online shop and are collaborations with awesome designers. They have pretty things by lovelies like Leah Goren, The Vamoose, Laura Lombardi and Fieldguided. More in the shop. Have a wonderful week!

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➔ A lovely Royal Tenenbaums-inspired lookbook.

➔ Sleeping on flowers–a dreamy set of sheets.

➔ The cutest summer shorts! I love a high-waist!

➔ A darling lookbook applauding the circus of love.

➔ Trying to pick some new summer kicks.

➔ YAY! A fantastic new shop! Clothing + Apothecary!

➔ Sometimes you just have to cry… for hours.

➔ Deliriously beautiful peonies and loads of lovely links.

Images courtesy of Fancy French Cologne.

4 Responses to “Fancy French Cologne”
  1. Chelsea says:

    All of these looks make me swoon. Especially the peter pan collar and polka dot shorts. I am off to explore your links! xo

  2. Melissa says:

    those jack earrings are amazing