Hey, Nice Kicks!

I’ve been staring at my old sneakers with disdain lately–I’d love to get a new pair. Especially with the sun coming out and my pretty new bicycle having a lot of mileage in her future! I usually keep it simple and classic with sneaks (Jack Purcells have been a standby for most my life!), but I’ve been surprised to be drawn to a few very colorful pairs. Some even have arch support! Mon Dieu!

DIG THESE NEW KICKS: 1. royal blue bensimon classics 2. tan canvas adidas gazelles 3. navy jack purcells 4. white keds pro 5. julrunner adidas pink brown blue 6. yellow nike lady cortez 7. fruit punch nike lady cortez 8. black jack purcells 9. nude bensimon classics


7 Responses to “Hey, Nice Kicks!”
  1. erin says:

    really digging those ice cream colored addidas. not sure what flavor of ice cream they remind me of, but still, ice cream colors.

  2. jacqueline says:

    I’ve wanted to get a pair of Bensimons for awhile. Hopefully this summer I’ll finally make a purchase.

  3. Dottie says:

    I have those nude Bensimon sneakers. I love ’em and they are perfect for spring bicycling!

  4. vanessa says:

    not to be a downer, but i bought the bensimons 2x and had to send them back in disappointment. they arrived crushed and the heel was broken BOTH times. the jack purcells, all stars, or nikes may not be as hip, but they are much, much better shoes for the money.

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