Les Frères Séeberger

I was on Pinterest yesterday and saw one of my favorite photographs (2nd photo down) by the Seeberger brothers. Jules, Louis, Henri Séeberger and Louis’ two sons, Jean and Albert, snapped some of my favorite photos of all-time. Their early images of Montmartre are incredibly moving. Of course, I’m also enamored with their fashion photography depicting resort life on the Riviera and Normandy coast, Parisian society and street style, movie stars and socialites.

If you can get your hands on the book about them, Elegance–snap it up!

Photography by The Seeberger Brothers. Photos via Everyday I Show.

9 Responses to “Les Frères Séeberger”
  1. These are gorgeous images! It’s so easy to believe that our generation invented the notion of style photography, but clearly, it’s been around for years.

  2. Wish I was at the seaside right now…

  3. Romy Alfino says:

    this is awesome, so inspirational. if you don’t mind, id love to share this with my readers? its too awesome for words. :)

  4. Jade Sheldon says:

    Holy smokes! SO SO SO gorgeous. I need a copy STAT.

  5. Thanks for this page. I discovered the work of the Seeberger brothers only recently. I have a bad copy of their shot of the Palermo, rue Fontaine. Would you have a good copy, please? Cordialement, D. Vernhettes, Paris