Wren x Clare Vivier

I love this reversible celestial tote–a beautiful collaboration between Wren and Clare Vivier. They are a good match–I loved the leopard clutch that they created for Fall 2011 (there was a leopard tote, too). Thanks to Erin for reminding me of this celestial beauty! Of course that Wren celestial dress is stunning as well. The amazing bags are available HERE and HERE.

The model in these photos is actress, Allison Miller, you might recognize her from her beautiful Closet Visit with photographer, Jeana Sohn. One of my favorites!

Photography by Jeana Sohn. Model is actress, Allison Miller.


2 Responses to “Wren x Clare Vivier”
  1. Not only are the bags and outfits wins, but her hair is too. I love how simple and glamorous it looks. Gorgeous styling.