Dream Outfit: A Rose Garden Stroll

As summer is getting closer I’m looking forward to frequent trips to the amazing Portland Rose Test Garden. We always have a regular stream of visitors during the warm months–flocking to take in the town for the first time or the 12th time. The garden is a place I look forward to taking friends to watch them become completely overwhelmed by the remarkable beauty.

Here is a dreamy outfit I put together for a June Rose Garden stroll–maybe on my birthday (it’s coming up on June 26). I already have the locket and cedar rose hair oil (it smells AMAZING)–so, now I just need the rest! That moon ring is making me swoon! I’m such a moonchild and pearls are one of my birthstones, too. Also, that dreamy leather bag would be perfect. Sigh.

ROSY DAY DREAM OUTFIT: 1. silk dress 2. enamel locket 3. moon ring 4. leather bag 5. shoes 6. nail polish 7. cedar rose argan oil hair tonic

12 Responses to “Dream Outfit: A Rose Garden Stroll”
  1. So cute! I’ve been longing for some oxfords. One of these days I’ll make the leap!

  2. Walking through rose gardens is so beautiful and what better than to look and feel better yourself :) I love your collection – especially the moon ring! Pearls are my birthstone too <3

  3. Gemma says:

    I really like the bag and the nail colour. I’m a bit addicted to dusky pinks at the moment!

  4. Sasha says:

    you make the best daydreams. sigh!!!!!!!!

  5. jacqueline says:

    Totally a perfect outfit for a rose garden! And I love that crescent ring.

  6. Beautiful items! Love that little locket