Happy Friday! I hope you all have some fun plans. I’ll be working part of the time, but tonight I am looking forward to MOONRISE KINGDOM!! I can’t wait. We’re also going to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant here that I’ve never been to–which is strange because I LOVE Vietnamese food. The menu looks great! Then some bike riding. Since I got my dream bike I’ve been trying to get used to riding around cars. It’s embarrassing–I guess I’m just kind of chicken! Baby steps. Have a wonderful weekend! xx Jen


Gorgeous supermoon necklaces! I love the pyrite.

A beautiful top.

Love these Rebecca Minkoff sunglasses.

Cloudy dream shorts!

Stunning bathing suit!

SUUUPER helpful tips for working with fonts in Photoshop!


I love these starry prizes.


Have you tried this cream? I’ve had 4 friends say it is MAGICAL!

An easy, peachy summer dress.

A very lovely French boutique sale!

I need two of these beauties.

A nice gift idea for nerdy dads on Father’s Day (June 17!).

These shoes. Sigh.


Love these Eiffel Tower mary janes!

Pretty rose gold belt.

I really adore this KITTY DRESS.

Super cute jeans.


Sweet dress by Samantha Pleet.

Lovely, simple pink dress.




Ummmm… YES, please.

Thanks for the amazing JUICER ADVICE!!


Photo: Vintage Arnel ad with Polly Bergen.

5 Responses to “Friday!”
  1. maddie says:

    Isn’t it so great that summer is here and we can finally ride our bikes. Good luck learning the ropes of the road!

  2. Jade Sheldon says:


    That Marc Jacobs top, LOVE.

    Also, I’m super intrigued with that cream. Might need to test it out when I finish up with my Kiehl’s cream.

  3. sheila says:

    omg jen, those shoes!!! those eiffel tower shoes!! i need them in my life tout de suite

  4. katrina says:

    mmmmm…. i LOVE Vietnamese food. i eat tofu banh mi sandwiches every week. yum. that luclac’s site is quite a beauty, by the way. ;)

    thanks for the linky love, Jen. i’m so happy you like that tip.

    i hope you enjoyed the movie and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Kristen says:

    I’m just reading this now (I hope you had an amazing weekend!) but I would love to hear some stories about you riding your new bike! I hadn’t been on a bike until this past September since 8th grade (after a humiliating incident of getting my handlebars, the old curly kind, stuck on a street sign and getting thrown into the street in front of all my friends). My husband and I were vacationing in Tiburon, CA (we lived a little bit more south of SF years ago) and the hotel had free bikes. I don’t know what inspired me (maybe it was vacation-brain, or the wine the previous days?) but we actually took them out and spent one of the best afternoons in forever huffing and puffing up the hills (while looking at the ocean) and flying down the hills (hoping I didn’t die) and smiling the entire time. So needless to say once we got home we started a “we need to buy bikes” fund! So, I am on the lookout for what type of bike to buy, but I’m also afraid I’ve lost my nerve by now, so I’m looking for some inspiration! :-)