Colette Saint Yves

I’ve been admiring the haunting photography and collage work of Colette Saint Yves. Ghosts, vamps, flappers, levitation, orphans, old movie stars, clouds, outer space, the sea? Yes, please. She has a lovely portfolio and some prints in her shop.

Photography and collage work by Colette Saint Yves.


12 Responses to “Colette Saint Yves”
  1. gail says:

    these are stunning, thanks for sharing…

  2. This is amazing. Oh my word. I wonder if it’s the make-up and hair, or if women back then really did have a different and distinct look. I really want to recreate it for a shoot. Wheels are turning…. :) Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  3. So beautiful! Would love a set on my wall. I like how they’re ever so slightly surreal.

  4. Jordan says:

    I love this so much. Amazing find!

  5. Dani says:

    Wow these are really terrific. I especially love the collage with the constellations. You describe her work well when you say it’s ‘haunting’, that’s for sure.

  6. Kelly-Marie says:

    Oh she is just such a clever and dreamy lady. ♥