René Groebli: The Eye of Love

I love this collection of photos from 1953 by Swiss photographer, René Groebli. The photo essay is called The Eye of Love and is about his love of this woman–his wife, Rita. It’s such a romantic and loving perspective–makes your heart swell.

Photography by René Groebli, 1953.


7 Responses to “René Groebli: The Eye of Love”
  1. This is so simply beautiful <3

  2. gia says:

    wow, she is inspirational. :) I want to take more care with my looks.

  3. Sasha says:

    oh what a dream… by a dreamer….

  4. I love how you don’t get the reveal of their faces till the end. So beautiful!

  5. Romy Alfino says:

    love, love. absolutely and utterly romantic

  6. Gisella Sutter says:

    Heute in der Zeitung gelesen, gesehen. Schön, auch die Idee, die zarten Anfänge zu dokumentieren: Jedem Anfang liegt ein Zauber inne……