Sneak Peek: Colenimo A/W 2012

Beautiful new clothes from Colenimo! If you have been reading my blog for a while–you probably know how much I adore my friend Aya’s clothing line, Colenimo. Well, she has done it again with her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, “Idyll”.

In Aya’s words, “Idyll is a fictionalised take on the wardrobe a traditional country lady.” I love that she kept a lot of her Aviatrix look from her last Autumn collection and meshed them with the beautiful drop-waist style dresses from her Paper Moon collection from Spring. Plus, a lot of these new designs feel very ‘modern Lady Mary Crawley in the country’ to me–which is fantastic!

Check the shop for new designs and an amazing sale on beauties from past seasons.

Images courtesy of Colenimo. Photography by Jenny&Lee.


Photography: Jenny&Lee
Make-up Artist: Natsumi Watanabe
Hair Artist: Maki Tanaka

4 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Colenimo A/W 2012”
  1. Jessica says:

    Oh wow, I love this collection! Great post.


  2. Charlotte says:

    Sometimes when people share their friend’s things, it’s clearly their sense of friendship that is blinkering their taste. I can say categorically that this range is *beautiful* and I want almost every item shown. Love it.