Herb Drying

Wow. Parker Fitzgerald just posted his photo outtakes from a beautiful piece that he and Amy Merrick collaborated on for Kinfolk Magazine. It’s even more magical knowing that it was shot in Parker’s messy Portland garage. Skye is looking especially fetching and in her element. I love that everything looks beautiful and honored in the shots–even the lavender would say, “Damn, I look gooood.”

See more of Parker Fitzgerald’s photos and Amy Merrick’s beautiful work.

Photography by Parker Fitzgerald.


Photography: Parker Fitzgerald
Styling & Herb Wrangling: Amy Merrick
Model: Skye Velten

2 Responses to “Herb Drying”
  1. Joy says:

    I’ve always loved reading his blog and I’m so glad you featured his work. They’re beautiful!

  2. sharon says:

    oh boy, i’ve always loved parker’s work. thanks for sharing :)

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