New York!

Greetings from New York! I’m in NY for a week and would love to hear some suggestions of restaurants, shops and sights that I should check out. You guys are always so good at knowing where the lovely places are. First I’m in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn and then on to Williamsburg. Then I’ll be in the West Village part of the time. And then the Hudson Valley. Where should I go?? THANKS! xx

P.S. You can see some of my trip on Instagram (honeykennedy). Though at this point it is really just a lot of images of food that will make you drool on yourself.

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  1. I haven’t explored nearly enough in the city, but I had a lovely time in Brooklyn – they have a great vintage market inside an old bank ( but I think it’s outside this time of year. The Salvation army in the area had great coats. For food there are lovely cafes and a chocolate shop where they have absinthe, earl grey, and other flavours… :) on Atlantic Street. Then you can always take a good sized walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn is a nice change of pace from Manhattan :)
    Have fun whatever you end up doing!

  2. MaryP says:

    Favorite Places: Shopping = Erie Basin (Red Hook), Les Toiles Du Soleil (Chelsea/Flatiron); Idlewild Books (Chelsea/Flatiron); Fish Eddy’s (Flatiron); Erica Tanov (Soho)

    Eating = Fatty Crab (West Village); City Bakery (Chelsea/Union Square); Punch (Flatiron)

    • Mary says:

      I work around the corner from City Bakery. Horrible, constant temptation!!! A hot chocolate a pretzel croissant will ruin you (forever!) for all other chocolates and croissants. They are that good.

  3. Having just been there a couple of weeks ago (and practically wailing at the thought of how long it’ll be till I get back again) it’s all very fresh in my mind!

    I didn’t have a bad eating experience in Williamsburg – it felt like wherever we happened to be was serving incredible food. That said, I loved in particular, Roebling Tea Room (amazing salads, amazing fried chicken, and just a beautiful place) and Extra Fancy (partly just because of the name, but they had an excellent hash with duck fat potatoes and really good Bloody Marys). Also there’s a Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg which has all kinds of fun alcoholic milkshakes and amazing pies and pork buns and things. Plus very good iced coffee. I can’t remember specifically where it is, but there’s this place called Freeman’s where we had to wait over an hour for a table but the bartender was delightful (and gave us a free drink) and the artichoke dip was worth the wait x 1000. If you’re in Times Square and hungry but have no idea where to go because everything’s enormous and touristy, Shake Shack has really good burgers and ice cream, and there’s this place called Cha Pa’s Noodles and Grill which is relaxed and quiet and cheap and does really nice Vietnamese.

    Hope you have a brilliant trip – am envious you got to Five Leaves, we tried but the queue was outrageous. Luckily the place across the road (Nights and Weekends, or something like that) was excellent.

  4. Pam says:

    Where to begin?

    Hands down my favorite shop, which is a bit of a hidden gem, is DeVera (the original one on Crosby Street, not the smaller uptown branch). It is perhaps the most beautiful shop in town, with antiques and jewelry curated like some sort of dark and lovely wunderkammer.

    Crosby Street & Howard Street in general have lots of good shops (Opening Ceremony, Michelle Varian, Housing Works Books, etc), and then you can wander over to Nolita for some other great shopping and food (McNally Jackson Books, Parm for amazing Italian comfort food, Cafe Gitane for classic cafe experience…the list goes on).

    Williamsburg shops not to be missed: CB I Hate Perfume (another on my top 10 places I take out-of-towners list), Catbird, Spoonbill & Sugartown Books. But really, you can’t spit without finding good shopping throughout the hood. Foodwise, you can’t go wrong with a burger or mac&cheese from DuMont, though more exciting food scene is southwest bit of the hood (Diner/Marlow & Sons, Dressler, etc)

    If you’re doing a schmancy uptown museum day in Manhattan, be sure to pop into the Neue Galerie. Museum is a gem, but Cafe Sabarsky is the real draw, for Austrian coffee, sandwiches, and sweets.

    Midtown-wise, if I were you I’d go to the Quay Brothers exhibit at MoMA which is amazing, then go to Rizzoli Books on 57th and/or Radiance Tea House on 55th for a snack. Or Burger Joint, which is divey burger spot incongruously hidden behind a velvet curtain in the lobby of the Parker Meridien Hotel.

    West Village: Aedes de Venustas perfume shop. Food: Bobo, Snack Taverna, Buvette, Tartine

    I’m gonna stop now, cause I’m getting carried away!

  5. Marieta says:

    New York is always New York… magic!!!

  6. Mary says:

    – MOMA, definitely.
    – Take the (free) Staten Isl ferry through the harbor. When you get to SI, take the ferry straight back.
    – Wander Williamsburg (coolest place in all of NYC) for a day. Get brunch (Robeling Tea Rm or Egg). Check out one of the half dozen beer gardens (Spritzenhaus has a nice fire place). Walk along the semi-new waterfront park.
    – Take the Roosevelt Isl tram over the East River. Don’t bother exploring Roosevelt Isl though… snooze.
    – High Line Park
    – Take the Q train to Bklyn- just to go over the Manhattan Bridge.
    – The cloisters (it’s really out of the way but a lovely glimpse of non-city Manhattan.
    – Union Square Green Market (every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat)
    – The Village Halloween parade, if you’re still here Wed evening
    – Ice skate in Bryant Park (It opened today!)

  7. Quinne says:

    Wish I would have seen this earlier–I live in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene & could tell you all the places to *avoid*… :) I love my hood but it’s nothing super special as far as restaurants go. Hope you made it to the park.

    In the West Village, I 100% recommend Bosie Tea Parlor, one of my favorite affordable places in the city. They also have incredible pastries & macarons that rival ones I had in Paris. And their tea service is fantastic. Must go!

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