Milk En Train

Such a sweet photoshoot from Milk Magazine photographer, Elisabeth Toll. The kids are on a trompe-l’oeil painted train headed for a Versailles Christmas. Beautiful! Some of the styling reminds me of Wes Anderson in a big way. More HERE.

Images courtesy of Milk. Photography by Elisabeth Toll.


Photos: Elisabeth Toll
Style: Melanie Hoepffner
Still Life photos: Claire Israel

9 Responses to “Milk En Train”
  1. K xx says:

    I see what you mean it about being Wes Anderson’like. If this was shot on a train, it’d be like a pre adolescence Darjeeling limited photoshoot haha.

    Beautiful styling! So magical and chic.

    K xx

  2. Such a pretty shoot! If those clothes were in my size, I’d wear all of them!


  3. Camille says:

    I agree, what a beautiful shoot! I particularly like the combinations of soft but not pastel colours with the various contrasting textures. Exactly how I want to dress this winter!

  4. daria says:

    these are incredibly pretty!

  5. chelsea says:

    so beautiful! i love milk!

  6. Stunning! Oh to have had clothes like that as a child.

  7. Phara says:

    This is amazing end how lovely is the last shot! Makes me want to fill my room with stuffed animals again, haha.

  8. Hai Yen says:

    Gorgeous photoshoot! My first impression was that it had hints of Wes Anderson too! I almost thought it was a still from one his movies. The best part though, I think, are those super quirky plush toys. That bacon and T-bone steak doll kills me.

  9. Elle says:

    This editorial is absolutely beautiful! I love the first picture, the little girl, who is yawning, makes me laugh! :)
    xx Elle

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