The ladies from LURK were nice enough to send me a lovely little sampler of their beautiful perfume oils. I tried each one on its own and found that I love wearing all of them! They’re all light and natural concentrates with a jojoba base, so they feel really nice on my skin, too.

My very favorites are RSW005 (sandalwood, rose, citrus), BS003 (woods, citrus, sweet bergamot) and AS01 (cedarwood, tuberose, sweet rose, spice). See all 5 fragrances HERE.

If you live in Portland–you can find all the LURK scents downtown at Alder & Co.!

2 Responses to “LURK”
  1. tamera jane says:

    Oooh, pretty packaging, too.

  2. Amy says:

    Yes! LURK is wonderful. I saw the sampler on your Instagram and ordered one – and those scents are my favorite, too. Bonus is I’ve finally found perfumes that do not give me migraines, the minus is it’s difficult to decide which to order first.