Colar das Estrelas


Meet a stunning member of the Portuguese Crown Jewels, the Necklace of the Stars. I may or may not have spent an embarrassing amount of time ogling this beauty over the last few months. And, perhaps, I have been trying to use telekinesis to suck it through a magic internet portal and place it on my own neck. My precious….

Queen Consort Maria Pia of Savoy and the Portuguese Royal Jeweler, Estêvão de Sousa, had fantastic taste. This beauty is gold and colourless and pink diamonds. You can also see her daughter-in-law, Amélie of Orléans, wearing the matching Diadem of the Stars. SWOON!

5 Responses to “Colar das Estrelas”
  1. Jade Sheldon says:

    The greatest necklace on earth…

  2. Camille says:

    I’ve always told myself that if I ever learn how to actually make jewelry (I mean, cast, weld, and set rather than just cut and assemble), I’d make pieces inspired by unatteinable museum pieces, like this one. Seeing something like this really makes me want to sign up for classes, and get my plans going (and get my hands on a copy of that necklace hehe).

  3. Swooning so hard I might black out. OH to be able to access such beauty!

  4. Greta says:

    What to say?! Just stunning!

  5. mafalda says:

    É muito bonito :)

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