Mixtape: Be Mine, Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve made a tumultuous, love-inspired mixtape that you can listen to at your leisure. You can find Be Mine, Valentine. on 8tracks or below in this post. Some bands I’ve included my mix are: My Bloody Valentine (obviously!), Air, David Bowie, Mazzy Star, Blouse, The Pogues, The Warlocks and a bunch of others. I hope you have a nice time listening. If you want more mixes–I have a 9 more right HERE. xx Jen

Be Mine, Valentine. from honeykennedy on 8tracks Radio.

2 Responses to “Mixtape: Be Mine, Valentine.”
  1. Maggie says:

    Love this! Just posted my own “Love Spells” mix on my blog as well – happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. moonandsoda says:

    oh, that’s sweet, thank you for sharing