PDX STAY: Hotel deLuxe

After Hurricane Sandy kept me holed up crying in a NY hotel and all my big trip plans were dashed–I felt shaken and ragged by the time I finally made it home. Since we couldn’t go away anywhere again so soon, we decided it would be fun to have a little “staycation” here in Portland. We made a little home at lovely Hotel deLuxe and entered the downtown fray for Black Friday holiday shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving.

It was such a good idea! We loved roaming around downtown with a beautiful place close by to drop off our bags and get some pampering. We were even able to bring our dog, Zelda! It is definitely going to be something we do again. It looks like they have some sweet packages for Valentine’s Day! Tempting! Here are a few photos I snapped during our stay.


The entryway is so pretty! It feels very glamorous and inviting as soon as you walk in. The chandeliers are stunning and the Hollywood Regency decor is dreamy. At the top of the stairs we were greeted by a lovely lobby and a genuinely friendly staff at the front desk.


The lobby area is big with a lot of comfy seating. It was a nice place to lounge around drinking coffee while we talked about where we wanted to go during the day. Though being extra lazy and figuring all that out while staying in bed with room service was my preference. Plus, the room was already stocked with coffee and yummy Steven Smith tea.


Our bed at Hotel deLuxe was like sleeping on a cloud. There was nice cotton bedding and plenty of pillow options–actually, they have a “pillow menu”. We had a pet-friendly King Feature room that had a big king-sized bed–which always feels so huge and luxurious. Also, the closet space was AMAZING. It was a huge walk-in closet that I wanted to bring home with me. There was also a dog services menu, so if Zelda had wanted to see a psychic and get a massage during our stay–she would have been in luck!


It’s so sweet that Hotel deLuxe salutes old Hollywood throughout the hallways and rooms. I’m a big fan (read: nerd) of old movies and stars, so I really loved the framed film stills hanging in our room and our cute La Dolce Vita and Fred Astaire room key cards.


I love to unwind with good magazines and good macarons. We stopped by Nuvrei to get some macarons (I like rose and salted caramel best!) and we stopped by Rich’s Cigar Store to grab some good imported reading material.


I vowed to not open my laptop while we were at the hotel, but the desk area was really nice. Also, the mini bar was stocked with good treats that we’d actually want to nibble on. We resisted though since there was 24 hour room service and fun places to go downstairs.


We stopped by one of my favorite boutiques, Frances May, on Black Friday to look at Portland Collection Pendleton scarves, try on cute shoes, peruse the racks and say “hi” to the girls. We also stopped by Woonwinkel, Animal Traffic, Flora and Radish Underground on our way to a collective handmade holiday market at The Cleaners.


At Alder & Co., I found some nice gifts for a couple of my friends and, as usual, for myself! I love this shop and the ladies working here are lovely. It is definitely one of my favorite shops in town. We stopped by Canoe afterwards–another wonderful shop.


This place is such a dream! I found a bunch of beautiful Christmas ornaments at Eden this visit, but I usually go for the perfume, candles, jewelry, books and lovely vintage things. Afterwards we had a late lunch around the corner at Oven & Shaker and then went to go look at books at Powell’s on the way back to the hotel.


We went to the hotel bar, The Driftwood Room, for happy hour and got full bellies and a little tipsy on Champagne cocktails for $27. YES, $27. I strongly urge you to order the sizzling forest mushrooms with truffle oil and the mac and cheese. If you spoon some of the mushrooms into your mac—you might faint from flavor thrills. I also strongly recommend drinking several Elizabeth Taylors—they are Champagne cocktails with violet liqueur and a black brandied cherry. SO GOOD. (this photos is of Gracie’s–it was way too dark and romantic for good iPhone photos inside the bar!)


For breakfast we ate at the hotel restaurant, Gracie’s, one morning and got room service from them on the other. There are plenty of other places to go downtown, but we wanted to maximize our lounging around time. I also wanted to have another Elizabeth Taylor (see above). Ahem. I love the big carrara marble tables, high ceilings, chandeliers and draperies. It’s such a beautiful and festive space—we decided to make reservations for Christmas dinner with our family a month later! That was fun, too.


It’s nice to sit in the lobby at Hotel deLuxe and watch various film stills on a big screen fade in and out. If you love old movies, it’s fun to try to guess what musical the stills are from or who the actors are before you head out to wander around the city.

We had such a nice stay! I definitely recommend staying here if you’re coming from out of town or if you live in Portland and would like a very dreamy place to rest up.


Photography by me, Jen McCabe. Last photo courtesy of Hotel deLuxe.


12 Responses to “PDX STAY: Hotel deLuxe”
  1. Pet friendly, macarons, truffled mushrooms, mac & cheese, and champagne cocktails? I’m sold! This is perfection…I need one of these staycations you speak of.

  2. Heather says:

    I just love Hotel deLuxe! I could live in the foyer alone. Drinks in the Driftwood room make me feel like I’m in an episode of Mad Men… until I look up and see my husband sitting across from me and not Don Draper. :)

  3. SwaneeGRACE says:

    oh, man! we had reservations here 2 years ago and had to cancel last minute. now, I wanna go even more!

  4. gia says:

    Really enjoyed this post! A nice escape as a reader.. :)

  5. I…cannot deal with how dreamy this place is. Adore all the little details! Staycation success.

  6. Louise says:

    I just bookmarked all the places you mentioned because we’re going to visit a good friend who is now working in Portland, and I am so excited to have great local recommendations now!

    Excellent post!