Pittock Mansion

Over the holidays this year we finally took a tour of Portland’s Pittock Mansion. I feel silly for not going sooner! I mean, we’ve lived here for over four years now. The fixtures, appliances, details and property grounds are wonderful to see! While we were visiting there was a Christmas decorating theme going on, so I’m really looking forward to going back for less frills on one of their upcoming Behind-the-Scenes Tours. If you’re visiting Portland–this is a lovely stop. The drive up into the hills is always dreamy, too! Here are some of my snaps…






Photography by Jen McCabe.

4 Responses to “Pittock Mansion”
  1. Ah, gorgeous! I love touring old fancy homes. We have a Frank Lloyd Wright house here in Grand Rapids that does tours, and there are a few great old Ford family homes in Detroit that I’ve been through. We saw one at Christmastime, and it was lovely.

    I love your photo of that chandelier.

  2. Heather says:

    Isn’t it beautiful? I remember going there as a child and being in a dream world. I want to throw a ball in that ballroom.

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