Samantha Pleet

There are so many pretty pieces in the new Samantha Pleet collection for Spring/Summer, The Sands of Time. I love the soft ice cream color palette and the floral print is so sweet–it reminds me of a lovely vintage tablecloth! More HERE.

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-temple

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-guardian

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-mirage

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-discovery

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-myth

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-gift-ming

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-expedition

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-ishtar

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-mirage-dress

honey-kennedy-samantha-pleet-spring 2013-tabernacle

Images courtesy of Samantha Pleet. Photographs by Jacqueline Di Milia.


Photography: Jacqueline Di Milia
Styling: Martha Violante
Hair: Bryce Scarlett
Makeup: Jessa Blades
Models: Eliska @ Major + Sinara @ Muse
Shoes: Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet
Jewelry: Cold Picnic
Headpieces: Sarah Frances Kuhn
Set design: Patrick Pleet

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