Marie Doro


I love these studio portraits of actor, Marie Doro, from 1902. Such a springtime goddess, fairy queen or wood nymph! Also, this first photograph reminds me a bit of Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy Honeychurch in A Room with A View. Marie Doro’s story is so interesting–it is a heartbreak that most of her films are lost or ruined. More HERE.

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Images: Marie Doro, photographed by Burr McIntosh, 1902.

3 Responses to “Marie Doro”
  1. sheila says:

    totally lucy honeychurch! i longed to be her. and have julian sands kiss me in a field.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Oh, lord. Me too. I’ve seen that film more than any other. I was totally obsessed as a teenager and in love with Julian Sands. My friend, Polly, loved Freddie Honeychurch, so we watched it constantly! Sigh.

  2. LOVE the Marie Doro photos! Yes, Helena Bonham Carter’s hair in A Room with a Few was similar to this, and just incredible.