Mixtape: Miss Blackhawk

Hello! So, my gold star for creating Cavalcade! posts for Thursdays has dimmed a bit this week. I was, however, successful in the 11th hour (well, maybe the 14th hour) in making a mixtape for my friend in L.A., Miss Blackhawk, to listen to on her birthday. Well, really I posted it after midnight, so the day AFTER her actual birthday. Though if you, say, celebrate your birthday for an entire shining week or a month even–then I am right on schedule!

You can find the MISS BLACKHAWK mix on 8tracks or below in this post. Some bands I’ve included my mix are: Veronica Falls, Belle & Sebastian, Ride, Billy Bragg, The Kills, Ride and 12 others. I hope you have a nice time listening! Happy Birthday, BB! xo

MISS BLACKHAWK from honeykennedy on 8tracks Radio.

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