Mixtape: A Roll in the Meadow

Here’s a new music mix that I made, A Roll in the Meadow. It was inspired by the beautiful spring weather and it’s meant to be listened to while getting it on in a field of flowers. Or maybe it can be a transportive audio escape to conjure some daydreaming of pastoral lip locks. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy some good tunes! There are 20 songs including: My Bloody Valentine, Blur, New Order, Blouse, Gliss, Deathray & lots more! Find more of my mixes HERE.

A Roll in the Meadow from honey kennedy on 8tracks Radio.


Mixtape cover art by me. Don’t judge! I’m still learning Photoshop! Ha.

2 Responses to “Mixtape: A Roll in the Meadow”
  1. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to listen. (And I love the colours in the cover art, nice work)

  2. Megan says:

    Going to be listening to this at the shop today :D