Eat Your Flowers!


YUM! SO LOVELY! I love all these ideas from Terrain for how to use edible pansies and violets. Both the pansies and the milder variety of violets have a pea-like taste, but the more fragrant violets are often better used for teas, infusions and desserts. If you aren’t interested in growing your own–you can buy edibles right HERE in two sizes. Make sure you only eat organically grown edible flowers meant for munching! I love this wonderful post that Ashley did about edible flowers. I learned so much–super inspiring!

I hope you had a good weekend and a fun week ahead of you! xo


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✚ DIY beautiful flower crowns while eating your cakes sprinkled with pansies.

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Images courtesy of Terrain.

10 Responses to “Eat Your Flowers!”
  1. kelsey says:

    beautiful photos!

  2. Maggie says:

    This post was perfectly timed – just bought myself a violet plant yesterday! Excited to make some tea :)

  3. fawn says:

    My baby has been chompin’ on dandelion and sage flower all spring. I should take a leaf (petal?) out of her book. 101 Cookbooks just did a nice post on edible flowers too. I want to try the lilac sugar!

  4. So pretty! And thank you sooo much for sharing this company :D. I need to expand my flower pantry and it’s missing violas. <3

  5. Amy says:

    I love this! I just made some rose & lavender syrup yesterday and lavender champagne jelly last week (sooo pretty –! Both made my house smell amazing.

  6. Stunning pictures. I love fresh flowers as cake decoration, there’s nothing prettier.